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About Troop 229

Scouts BSA Troop 229 is in Princeton, Texas and is sponsored by Parents of Princeton Scouts. Troop 229 is part of the Lone Star District of the Circle 10 Council, which is based in North Texas.

Ask a youth why theyjoined Troop 229 and you’ll get a simple answer: “Because I want to.”
Chartered through the Parents of Princeton Scouts and serving Princeton, Texas and neighboring communities, Troop 229 promises boys Adventure, Discovery & Teamwork. Boys join Troop 229 because it’s fun. And while Troop 229 Scouts find fun and adventure in the outdoors, there is a core underlying purpose. Troop 229 is committed to the mission and vision of the Boy Scouts of America.

We are a youth-led Scouting program with an emphasis on personal growth, community service and leadership development. Scouts carry out an active outdoors program that includes year-round monthly camping.

Along with character development and physical fitness, citizenship training is one of the three objectives of the Scouting program. One way Troop 229 realizes the goal of citizenship training is community service. We strongly believe that each Scout has the obligation to give something back to the community in which he lives.

Contact Troop 229:

Jason Ash, Scoutmaster
Troop 229 – Princeton, TX

Troop Program

Troop 229 offers a variety of activities and outings. Some of the things we like to do include:

  • Both in council and out-of-council Summer Camps
  • Monthly outings that include day hikes, backpacking, biking, and others.
  • Service projects including Eagle Scout Service, service to local churches and non-profits, service to the Stanwood Food Bank, flag ceremonies, and others.

Troop Leadership

The Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) is made up of the senior patrol leader, who presides over meetings; the assistant senior patrol leader and all patrol leaders. The patrol leaders’ council plans the yearly troop program at the annual troop program planning conference. It then meets monthly to fine-tune the plans for the upcoming month.

Scouts BSA strives to be “youth-led.” The Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC), not the adult leaders, is responsible for planning and conducting the troop’s activities. The Scoutmaster (and assistant Scoutmasters) provide direction, coaching, and training that empowers the Scout with the skills they will need to lead the troop. The Troop Committee provides resources to help the PLC.

Parent support and participation is vital for any Scouts BSA troop to thrive. We have several Assistant Scoutmasters who help out the Scoutmaster. Our Committee is led by the Committee Chair and there are about a dozen parents who serve on the Troop Committee.

Our committed adult Scout Leaders are here to serve our Scouts:

  • Scoutmaster: Jason Ash
  • Assistant Scoutmasters: Jeremy Gerdes, Stephani Carter, Ryan Akkerman
  • Committee Chair: Amanda Gerdes
  • Chartered Organization Representative: Amanda Gerdes
  • Committee Members: Patrick Cox, Allison Homan, Lawrence Homan
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