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Camping is Important

Camping and the outdoors is an essential part of the scouting program.    At Troop 229, camping is so important to us that we camp year-round as much as possible. Those that took part in Cub Scouts and camped will find a difference in Boy Scout camp-outs.  Troop 229 is Boy-led and the framework of our program is boys forming into small teams called patrols.  At camp, in patrols, is where the majority of teamwork and leadership is practiced.  Patrols, not adults, plan their camp. The boys decide where to camp, what to do and what to eat. Along the way, boys in patrols make many personal and group decisions.  Boys then head to camp and deal with the consequences of their decisions and planning.  It’s not always easy. Mistakes are made. But this is how accountability is learned.

Troop 229 - Camping

This process is repeated each time we go camping.   Each camp is important because camping in progression, month after month, is how boys grow in their ability to work as a team, carry-out their planning, be flexible, and ultimately fit their planning into the dynamic always changing world that year-round camping brings. As for Troop 229 adult leaders, we stay in the background at camp and let the boys run the show.  The leaders camp separately from the boys and prepare their own meals.  There’s no hovering. There’s no micro-managing.  We’re there to make sure the wheels don’t fly off the bus; thankfully Scouts mostly get it right.

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